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I don't know where I'll be next, but one thing is for sure - I'll need reliable internet when I get there! Follow me on my quest to figure out how to survive life as a slomad. I'll write hotel reviews, slomad-friendly location overviews and thoughts about working online while traveling.

Alona Beach, Philippines - A Travel Guide

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I built for people interested in traveling to Alona Beach and the Panglao area. At the time, there weren't any websites with much useful info about traveling there - so I walked to every hotel I could find, gathered info, took photos and built one!
Getting a good currency exchange rate is important when traveling. Many people don't put much thought in to it, but small amounts add up fast when you're exchanging larger sums or traveling a lot. If you're arriving at Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport in Bangkok, Thailand - here's a tip to potentially save a lot!

A Trip to Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

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I recently took a 10 day trip to Panglao island in Bohol, Philippines to gather hotel information and photos for updating my Alona Beach Guide website. I haven’t been to Alona Beach since 2008, so the website was pretty stale and the trip was long overdue. A lot can change in 8 years!

Seda Centrio hotel in Cagayan De Oro, Philippines

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I made a quick trip to Cagayan De Oro in the Philippines and decided to stay at Seda Centrio, which is known as a very high-end hotel and has amazing reviews. I absolutely loved my stay here!

GT Hotel in Bacolod, Philippines

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I recently took a short trip to Bacolod just to check it out (and also to get out of Dumaguete City for a few days). I stayed at the GT Hotel, which is located right in the heart of Bacolod.

Palace Station Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas

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On a recent business trip to Las Vegas, I stayed at Palace Station Hotel & Casino, which is known by locals as a budget friendly off-strip (not near the tourist action) hotel in a central Vegas location.

My first trip to Siquijor, Philippines

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I've been to Dumaguete countless times and hate to admit that I've never visited the nearby island of Siquijor until now. I wish I would have earlier because this is a great place to relax and being only 45 minutes from the city of Dumaguete, is a great place to go for the weekend.

Dumaguete, Philippines - An Overview

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Dumaguete is a small city on Negros Island in the Philippines. It is known as a college and tourist town with plenty to do and see. It's promixity to Apo Island, Bohol and nearby tourist destinations throughout the Visayas keep more and more visitors arriving each year.

I am a Slomad

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Welcome to the first Slomad blog post. I hope to talk here about travel, working online, my never-ending quest to find reliable internet, cheap hotels and whatever else I can think of.