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GT Hotel in Bacolod, Philippines

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I recently took a short trip to Bacolod just to check it out (and also to get out of Dumaguete City for a few days). I searched online at Agoda and found the GT Hotel, which had good reviews. I had hopes the internet might be acceptable enough to work, so I rolled the dice, booked my room and hopped on the bus for a 6 hour trip to Bacolod!

Bacolod, Philippines

The GT Hotel Bacolod

The GT Hotel is a modern, 3 floor hotel right in the heart of Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The location is perfect while in Bacolod, the rooms clean, the internet decent and the restaurant awesome!


The GT Hotel is located on the corner of Locsin and Galo streets right near downtown Bacolod. This is an extremely convenient location in Bacolod because it's near downtown as well as the popular Lacson street where you will find restaurants, malls and fast food (including Starbucks!). While only a block away from the busy Lacson downtown areas, this intersection is not nearly as busy as you would expect and I found it relatively quiet for being so close to busy areas.

GT Hotel - Bacolod, Philippines

The Room

My room was clean and modern and I was very happy with it for the price, which was P1350 (or P1575 with breakfast). The bed was big, comfortable and included a nice, heavy blanket. The aircon blew cold and was quiet. I particularly liked the heavy curtains which blocked out almost all the outside light. The room included daily complimentary bottles of water as well as a few sticks of instant coffee. There was a water heater and also a ref. A desk was also included, which I appreciate because you can't work without one!


The restaurant at GT Hotel was great. The food was excellent. The servings are large and surprisingly fair priced for a nice, new, modern place like this. Try their burger and fries (P195) or their Orange Chicken (P225) which were both really tasty! The breakfast buffet was also really nice. They don't have a ton of options, but they have unlimited brewed coffee, waffles, fruit, etc.. and the best part is they will make you any kind of eggs or an omelette!


I'd say the interet was OK. Most of the time it worked fine. Not fast but not slow either... But it did go out a few times. Luckily I was able to work 5-6 hours a night and it was acceptable. By Philippines standards it was actually pretty good.. As the state of internet here is horrible and rarely do hotels have fast or stable internet.


The staff at GT were very helpful and accomodating. I contacted them several times and they were always courteous and went out of their way to help.


I will absolutely stay at the GT Hotel the next time I'm in Bacolod. I had a great experience there and especially loved the food, convenient location and helpful staff.