All about traveling, working online and living life as a nomad slomad.

I am a Slomad

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Welcome to, where I hope to talk about travel, working online, my never-ending quest to find reliable internet, cheap hotels and whatever else I can think of.

What is a Slomad?

slow: adjective - moving at an unrushed pace

nomad: noun - a person of no fixed abode that travels from place to place

slomad: noun - a person that travels from place to place, but that is in no rush to keep moving on

A little about me

I'm a 30-something web programmer from the the midwest, USA. For the last several years I've moved around a lot while working remotely online. Sometimes I stay, sometimes I go. I haven't had a permanent home for the last decade, so I suppose I'm nomadic in a way.. but since I tend to stay in a place for many months or years, I'm a fairly slow-moving nomad.